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My AxDDM installation shows blank or grey previews
Last Updated 7 months ago

If you are running AxDDM2, having a grey video preview could mean a few things:

  • Your equipment is not detected (maybe due to a Windows Update that broke your SD video encoder drivers)
  • The selected mode is different from SD (wrong unless you have an early AxVIEW HD)
  • The specific video encoder is already displaying its feed in some other application (maybe AxDDM is still running or you have a software webcam safety filter installed)
  • The given number of divers is greater than the connected system can handle.

This could be repaired by downloading and running our driver installation tool available over here:


Having a blank video preview can be explained by a badly choosen video standard (NTSC or PAL depending on your camera model) or a power switch on the AxVIEW set to the OFF position.


AxDDM3 has a "Preview - Decoder" field where you can choose a profile that's more appropriate for your hardware if you have third-party decoders installed on your system. LAV Filters provides a great video decoder that is supported by AxDDM3. The latest installer is available at the following URL:

Unless you have a dedicated graphics card or AMD hardware, Intel QuickSync is usually the best option for the latter.


Exceptionally, Windows Update could have upgraded the graphics driver with a partial version that does not feature video decoding capabilities. In this case, you should head to your computer manufacturer support website to download and install the latest GPU driver.

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