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My AxDDM installation is not activated (anymore)
Last Updated 2 years ago

AxDDM2/3 use alphanumeric license keys which are based off your AxVIEW's video encoder serial numbers. If you are being shown a message asking you to call AXSUB on your recordings, this means you are running the software without your provided license keys, with ones meant for a different system or simply that it is not recognized.


In this case, you should check that the USB cable going to your AxVIEW has a reasonable length or is the original provided by AXSUB, that it is linked to AC or battery power and that it is powered on (a green status LED on the frontplate/bottom lid has to be lit).


Also worth mentioning, the SD video encoder drivers have to be installed correctly for a standard-definition AxVIEW to be identified. You can solve most issues by re-running the AxDDM installer (downloadable here!) and hitting "Yes" when being asked for the Sensoray 2253 driver installation step.


As a last resort, restart your computer or tablet to complete any ongoing operating system updates and power-cycle your equipment by unplugging BOTH the AC power cable AND the USB data cable to liberate any residual power and force a hard reset of the video encoders.

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